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हिंदू धर्म : एक पुनर्कल्पना

Category :(Lecture)

Arvind Sharma delivered a special lecture on ‘हिंदू धर्म : एक पुनर्कल्पना’ on 24 February 2020 at CSDS. It was chaired by Aditya Nigam. The lecture was organized by the Indian Languages Programme of CSDS.

Keywords for India: Book Release and Discussion

Category :(Discussion)

A book release and discussion on ‘Keywords for India: A Conceptual Lexicon for the 21st Century’, edited by Rukmini Bhaya Nair and Peter Ronald deSouza was held on 27 February 2020 at CSDS. The discussion was chaired by Ashis Nandy. What terms are currently up for debate in Indian society?

Raag Filmi: Interactive Talk by K.L.Pandey

Category :(Lecture)

K.L.Pandey delivered an interactive talk on ‘Raag Filmi: Classical Elements in Hindi Film Songs’ on 28 February 2020. The talk was chaired by Ravikant. K.L.Pandey served in Indian Railways for 38 years in various capacities and retired as an Additional Member of Railway Board.

Bengal’s Post-Partition Imaginary: Lecture by Sayandeb Chowdhury

Category :(Lecture)

Sayandeb Chowdhury delivered a lecture on ‘Bengal’s Post-Partition Imaginary; or the Enchantments of a Screen Bhadrolok on 6 March 2020 at CSDS. It was chaired by Baidik Bhattacharya. Compared to parallel cinema, disproportionately low

B.R. Ambedkar and the Science of Fellowship: Lecture by J. Daniel Elam

Category :(Lecture)

J. Daniel Elam delivered a lecture on ‘B.R. Ambedkar and the Science of Fellowship’ on 13 March 2020 at CSDS. It was chaired by Prathama Banerjee. This lecture examines the work of Dalit activist and thinker B.R. Ambedkar: The Outcaste

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