Internships are unpaid internships offered to interested young scholars of humanities and social sciences, for a period between one to six months.

Interns are expected to be proficient in writing and reading in English and at least one Indian language.  They are also expected to have basic research and bibliographic skills.

Each intern is assigned one faculty member as his/her mentor.

An intern may be expected to undertake literature review, bibliography search,  participate in the organization of workshops/talks and archival and digitization tasks.  At the end of his or her tenure, an intern is expected to submit a ‘reflections paper’ on a topic decided in consultation with the mentor.

Currently, CSDS is taking in interns in the following research areas:

(a)   New Dimensions of Democratic Life in India
(b)   Digital and Media Cultures
(c)   Digital Humanities
(d)   Indian Languages and Indian Intellectual Traditions
(e)   Environment, Public Health and the Quality of Life

The Lokniti and Sarai programmes of CSDS also offer intermittent and summer internships. Do visit their websites to know more about it.