'Tracing the Arc' and 'A Million Steps': Directed by Pankaj Butalia

Tracing the Arc, 38 min, 2003
The Great Arc was a phenomenal achievement of applied science in British India between 1802 and 1843. It was an attempt to measure the curvature of the earth’s surface under the guise of cartographic and military necessity. The film attempts to recreate the stupendous effort and look at some of its implications.

A Million Steps, 22 mins, 2003
In the 1860’s, the British, keen to know the terrain of Tibet in case the Russians invaded India through Lhasa, trained Indian surveyors to disguise themselves, enter Tibet and carry on surveys incognito. Over the next twenty years, many Indian surveyors, known today as the ‘Pundits’, entered Tibet disguised as monks or traders and carried out the most authoritative surveys of their time and contributed to the map of Asia. This film is a short documentary attempting to look at the adventures of three of these surveyors.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013, 4:30 pm
CSDS Seminar Room