Social Justice and its discontents in India

Conference on ‘Social Justice and its discontents in India: Forms, Histories and Politics’

This conference focused on the multilayered relationship between the idea of social justice and forms of violence in colonial and post colonial India. It was an attempt at tracing the histories of two related yet competing discourses: the discourse of justice (anti-colonial nationalism, debates on social and political marginalization and idea of a just society) and the discourse of political discontent (debates on means and ends, and social transformation). It engaged with the interconnecting links between histories, sites of violence and discursive forms of discontent: direct injustice (e.g., atrocities against women, Dalits, poor and marginalized and minorities) and indirect injustice (production of metaphors, images, and stereotypes in relation to social groups and communities)

The conference was jointly organized by the Centre for the study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi and the New Zealand India Research Institute (NZIRI), New Zealand.

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