Raag Filmi: Interactive Talk by K.L.Pandey

K.L.Pandey served in Indian Railways for 38 years in various capacities and retired as an Additional Member of Railway Board. He is a poet, an author and a musicologist. He has written a number of books on poetry, Hindi literature and Hindi film music that includes three volumes of Hindi Cine Raag Encyclopedia in which 174 Raagas in over 18000 songs have been identified from over 6000 films between 1931 and 2020. He has a rich musical archive of 4 lakh recordings from 1902 onwards and around 2500 Hindi and 4500 English movies.

Ravikant is an Associate Professor at Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi. His doctoral work, 'Words in Motion Pictures: A social History of Language of 'Hindi' Cinema', navigated inter-media sites such as print, broadcasting, and web in an effort to offer creative connections between these media forms and their diverse publics.

Friday, 28 February 2020
3 pm, CSDS Seminar Room
29 Rajpur Road, Delhi