Nursery Years of Hindustani Talkies: Lecture by Anoop Gadodia

Anoop Gadodia delivered the 4th lecture of the series Cine Sangeet Ki Anmol Virasat on ‘Nursery Years of Hindustani Talkies 1931-35’. It was chaired by Ravikant. 


1931-35 was the formative years of Hindustani Talkie Cinema and the Film Song. Uncertain as to the form and structure that would fit into this new entertainment medium, the films depended largely on theatre, folk and traditional sources. Experiments were initiated by luminary production houses, tackling the creative issues in parallel with the challenges of the emerging technology of talkie films. Here is the story of this truly fledgling era.

Anoop Gadodia is a music buff with keen ears for music from an early age. Publicly we averse & reclusive, he dwells in Kolkata, listening to meaningful & melodious music of all eras. His expressions are subtle but meaningful. He was closely associated with the making of the 50 CDs set of ‘Geetmala Ki Chhaon Mein’ (by Shri Ameen Sayani), Hindi Film Geet Kosh (Vol. 1, 4 & 3-Revised), the book Legacy of the Legend-K L Saigal and a compendium titled Thoughts on Religious Politics in India.

Ravikant is Associate Professor at Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi.

Saturday, 11 March 2023, 4 pm, Seminar Room and Zoom