Just Keep Breathing: Lecture by Rohit Negi

Lecture by Rohit Negi on ‘Just keep breathing: Rupture and reconfiguration in Delhi’s air pollution space’. It was chaired by Awadhendra Sharan.


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A sharp divide between environmentalism and social justice has come to signify the air pollution problem space in Delhi after several judiciary-enforced interventions of the 1990s. As affected people coped with the shifts and the air quality visibly improved, critical interest in Delhi’s air pollution seemed to subside. It was in 2014-15, following a set of intersecting events, that the issue returned to the public eye. Media coverage, social media outrage, technoscientific research and innovations, and state interventions are now ubiquitous. What is less well known is the backstory of an ongoing reconfiguration of air pollution technoscience and advocacy towards greater recognition of blindspots and creative collaborations across silos. Outlining the possibilities but also some critical questions facing these formations, the lecture  makes the case for three moves—historicizing, localizing, and slowing—to think through what just advocacy may look like in and around Delhi.

Rohit Negi is Associate Professor of Urban Studies at Ambedkar University Delhi. He has published on Delhi's air in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Himal Southasian, Seminar, and Scroll.in. Rohit's new book (with Prerna Srigyan) titled, Atmosphere of Collaboration is forthcoming with Routledge.

Awadhendra Sharan is Professor at Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi.

Tuesday, 22 December 2020
4 pm, Zoom https://bit.ly/3oB4RaA