Inauguration of the Parekh Institute of Indian Thought

The Parekh Institute of Indian Thought directed by Rajeev Bhargava was inaugurated on 15 July 2013 by Hon’ble Shri M Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India at India International Centre, New Delhi.  The Institute set up at CSDS intends to study the past and present moral, social and political thought of India and to share its deliberations widely through workshops, conferences, lectures and publications.  This purpose, which structures all its activities, will remain its focus. The Institute will choose an appropriate theme each year and invite scholars to work on that theme and to interact on it with scholars inside and outside the Centre.

As of now the primary focus of the Institute is on religion and state in ancient and modern India/a conceptual history of the secular state in India.  However over a period of time, the thematic areas might include: aspects of Indian intellectual tradition, study of major but neglected thinkers in Indian intellectual tradition, History of concepts and exploration of transitions from one kind of intellectual world/social imaginary say, in the pre-sultanate period to the intellectual world/ social imaginary of the Mughal period.