David B. Wong: Soup, Harmony, and Disagreement

Is the ancient Confucian ideal of he ?, “harmony,” quite like some ancient Indian conceptions, a viable ideal in pluralistic societies composed of people who subscribe to different ideals of the good life, and different comprehensive moral and religious beliefs?  Is harmony compatible with accepting, even encouraging, difference, and the freedom to think differently, to act against the social and moral expectations of others, and to aspire to different ways of life? The speaker argued that there are ways of conceiving harmony and freedom and of trying to realize them that acknowledges the tensions between them, but also their relations of mutual support.

David B. Wong is the Beischer Professor of Philosophy at Duke University.  He has authored and co-edited books and articles on moral difference across and within cultures, the question how to deal ethically with those one deeply disagrees with, comparative ethics, and early Chinese philosophy.

Rajeev Bhargava is Professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

Friday, 4 August 2017
6 pm, Lecture Room II, Annexe
India International Centre, New Delhi