Cross Media Ownership: Seminar Report

A seminar on ‘Cross Media Ownership and Concentration in Indian Media’ was held on 15 February 2017 at CSDS. It was jointly organized by Inclusive Media for Change, CSDS and Centre for Media Studies, New Delhi. The Concern about ownership concentration in newspapers was first expressed by The First Press Commission in 1953 when it observed that out of the 330 dailies published at that time, five owners controlled 29 newspapers and 31.2% of the circulation (Government of India 1954: 306); 15 owners controlled 54 newspapers and over 50% of the circulation (Government of India 1954: 309).  With privatization of more media sectors since liberalization, the trend has only deepened as satellite television and now more recently, the radio industry have been privatized. The seminar focused on several aspects of the media industry and expressed concern about cross-media holdings, ownership concentration, malpractices in the media industry amongst others.

SEMINAR REPORT (Click to read)