Today and Everyday: Podcast-Veena Das

Speaking Otherwise is an academic podcast on the Contemporary, hosted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi.  In this podcast, we speak to well known scholars from the humanities and the social sciences on the critical questions of our times.

Today and Everyday 

In this episode, Prathama Banerjee speaks to Veena Das on the changed nature of daily life in our contemporary.  Is the nature of everyday life different in post-Covid times? Has the everyday ever been a site of stability or security? What is the relationship between philosophical concepts, everyday life and ordinary language? What is the difference between culture, society and ‘forms of life’? 

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Veena Das is Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Anthropology at the Johns Hopkins University. She has worked on urban transformations, collective violence, everyday life in the shadow of political and personal crises, ordinary language philosophy and aspects of precolonial Indian literary, aesthetic and philosophical traditions, which help us, illuminate our contemporary world. Her books include Life and Words: Violence and the Descent into the Ordinary (2007), Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty (2015), the semi-autobiographical Textures of the Ordinary (2020), Slum Acts (2022) and the three co-edited volumes, The Ground Between: Anthropologists Engage  Philosophy (2014), Living and Dying in the Contemporary World: A Compendium (2015) and Words and Worlds: A  Lexicon for a Dark Time (2021).