Studies in Indian Politics

Studies in Indian Politics (SIP) is a blind peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by Lokniti, a research programme of the CSDS. It aims to provide a forum for those engaged in the study of Indian politics. It publishes research writings based on original research, book reviews as well as discussions on teaching Indian politics and issues in research methods. The journal publishes research writings that seek to explain different aspects of Indian politics. The Journal adopts a multi-method approach and will publish articles based on primary data in the qualitative and quantitative traditions, archival research, interpretation of texts and documents, and secondary data. The Journal  covers a wide variety of sub-fields in politics, such as political ideas and thought in India, political institutions and processes, Indian democracy and politics in a comparative perspective particularly with reference to the global South and South Asia, India in world affairs, and public policies. While such a scope will make it accessible to a large number of readers, keeping India at the centre of the focus will make it target-specific.

SIP is a forum for those engaged in the pursuit of generating new knowledge and analyses of Indian politics based on original research. By way of making such a knowledge and analyses accessible to the public, it will cater to the needs of a large number of social and political scientists engaged in teaching and research at educational and research institutions in India and abroad.