Shail Mayaram


Shail Mayaram is Professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. Publications include Against History, Against State: Counterperspectives from the MarginsResisting Regimes: Myth, Memory and the Shaping of a Muslim Identity; coauthored, Creating a Nationality: The Ramjanmabhumi Movement and the Fear of Self(1995). Edited volumes are The Other Global City and Philosophy as Samvada and Svaraj: Dialogical Meditations on Daya Krishna and Ramchandra Gandhi and coedited, Subaltern Studies: Muslims, Dalits and the fabrications of history. She has worked on subaltern pasts and moral imaginations of peasant, pastoral and forest-based communities, living together in the city and on nationalism and decolonizing knowledge. Israel as the gift of the Arabs: Letters from Tel Aviv is her most recent book and her current research project examines contestations between Sufis and Salafis.

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