Ravi Vasudevan

Ravi Vasudevan works in the area of film and media history. With Ravi Sundaram, he directs Sarai, the CSDS media and urban studies programme. He is guest faculty in Film Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jadavpur University and Ambedkar University Delhi. Vasudevan is editorial advisor to the film and media studies journals Screen, Cinema and Cie, Reframe and the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. He has curated and organised film screenings, lecture series and conferences, including The Many Lives of Indian Cinema, 1913-2013 and Beyond: Disciplines, Histories, Technologies, Futures (Sarai/CSDS January 2014), with Ravi Sundaram and the Raqs Media Collective, What Time Is it? Technologies of Life in the Contemporary (December 2017), Populism and the Shifting Coordinates of the Political for ICAS: MP (International Centre for Advanced Studies: Metamorphoses of the Political), March 2018, and the Sarai Wager on Cinema series. His publications include Making Meaning in Indian Cinema (ed., 2000), the co-edited Sarai Reader 02: The Cities of Everyday Life (2002) and Sarai Reader 03: Media/Crisis (2003), The Marg special issue, Documentary Now, Marg, (guest editor, 2018), and The Melodramatic Public: Film Form and Spectatorship in Indian Cinema (2010, 2016). Vasudevan co-founded and edits the journal BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies, now in its tenth year of publication (2010-). He is currently working on non-fiction film infrastructures, the film archives and questions of historiography; post-cinema media artefacts and political imaginaries; and the media histories of advertising, publicity and public relations.

In 2018-19, with Srirupa Roy of the University of Goettingen, Vasudevan co-directed the Indo-German collaboration, International Centre for Advanced Studies: Metamorphoses of the Political (ICAS: MP) in which CSDS is a partner institution. He has been involved in shaping the thematics of the ICAS modules, History as Political Category, and has designed and inaugurated a new thematic module, Media and the Constitution of the Political. With Tapati Guha Thakurta, Vasudevan coordinates research in the ICAS/Sarai-CSDS/CSSSC project Objects, Media Practices, Aesthetics and Politics: Material Histories and Cultural Imaginaries in India, c.1940-1960.

Email: raviv(at)sarai.net, vasudevan.rs(at)gmail.com

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