Md. Sanjeer Alam

Md. Sanjeer Alam is trained in social geography at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi where he received his Ph. D. Before joining the CSDS faculty, he worked with the Centre’s Lokniti Programme. 

Alam works on a variety of themes including socio-spatial inequities in education, social exclusion, affirmative action, and electoral politics (Muslim politics in particular). He has researched and published extensively on these themes in both national and international academic journals. His major work is a book titled Religion, Community, and Education: The Case of Rural Bihar (2012). Recently, he has co-authored Companion to Indian Democracy: Resilience, Fragility, Ambivalence (2021) and  Democratic Accommodations: The Minority Question in India (2019) with Peter Ronald deSouza and Hilal Ahmed and co-edited with K. C Sivaramakrishnan the volume Fixing  Electoral Boundaries in India: Processes, Outcomes and Implications for Political Representation (2015). 

Currently, Alam is involved in the compilation of A Socio-economic Atlas of Religious Groups in India, and also working on the book project Affirmative Action for Muslims?

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Community organizations and educational development among Muslims: Lessons from the ‘Kerala Experience’

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Social Exclusion of Muslims in India and Deficient Debates about Affirmative Action

On Matching Census Tracts and Electoral Boundaries: The Bottom-up Aggregation Approach

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Whither Muslim Politics?

Contextualising Inter-, Intra-religious and Gendered Literacy and Educational Disparities in Rural Bihar

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