Awadhendra Sharan


Awadhendra Sharan trained as a historian at Delhi University and subsequently at the University of Chicago where his doctoral thesis was on ‘The Question of Untouchability in Colonial Bihar, 1860s to 1950s.’ After initially working with the Sarai Programme, he joined the Centre’s Faculty, where he conducts research on urban and environmental issues.  His book 'In the City, Out of Place: Nuisance, Pollution and Urban Dwelling in Modern Delhi, c.1850-2000' (OUP India) is a study of several such interrelated issues: water purity and sanitation, nuisance and traditional trades, congestion, pollution and toxicity, combining extensive archival research with a study of contemporary sources. Along similar lines, his current research is focused on Economies and Cultures of Waste and Pollution in Colonial India.  In addition, Sharan has initiated a new research project on Urban Infrastructure in India.

Sharan has delivered guest lectures at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and at Delhi University. His works have been published in various research journals and in the Sarai Reader series.

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Publications (Click to Read)

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